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Ilustracje w ogólnych słownikach języka polskiego

  1. Bożena Hojka


Illustrations in the General Dictionaries of the Polish Language


The article presents the most important assumptions for the use of illustrations (including lexicographic perspective) in a monolingual dictionary and discusses selected solutions employed in three illustrated dictionaries of the Polish language: M. Arcta słownik ilustrowany języka polskiego (Warsaw: published by Wydawnictwo M. Arcta, ed. 1: 1916, ed. 2: 1925, ed. 3: 1929), Ilustrowany słownik języka polskiego (Warsaw: published by PWN, ed. 1: 1999, ed. 2: 2004) and Ilustrowany słownik podstawowy języka polskiego (Kraków: published by Universitas, ed. 1: 1999, ed. 2: 2005). The illustrations were analysed in terms of their form and content with special emphasis placed on their cognitive features. The resulting conclusions are concerned with the manner and degree of the use of their potential. Several conclusions concerning the reception of illustrated dictionaries of the Polish language for adult readers were formulated on the basis of forewords, publishers’ and reviewers’ notes.


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Studia o Książce i Informacji (dawniej: Bibliotekoznawstwo)

27, 2008

Strony od 119 do 133

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