Jednodniówka jako typ dokumentów życia społecznego. Zarys problematyki badawczej

  1. Małgorzata Korczyńska-Derkacz ORCiD: 0000-0002-1470-2252


One-off Publications as a Type of Documents of Social Life. Outline of Research Issues


The article aims at introducing the subject of occasional prints – one-off publications, presenting their definition, their many aspects and reviewing the condition of the research. A collection of 1344 one-off publications was isolated in the Catalogue of Polish Periodicals in the National Library, which was classified according to the place of issue, chronological range, issuers, subject matter (ten thematic groups were suggested). The article indicates potential research areas: press studies, editorial, historical and social. The article is a preliminary research analysis.


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Studia o Książce i Informacji (dawniej: Bibliotekoznawstwo)

27, 2008

Pages from 135 to 148

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