Blog jako sposób na przełamanie stereotypu bibliotekarza

  1. Anna Starek-Wróbel


Blogs as a way to challenge the librarian stereotype

In the article the author examines the librarian stereotype as well as attempts to challenge it through an internet-based medium, i.e. blogs. She presents the definition of and the mechanism behind the emergence of the stereotype, and its impact on the image of librarians. Then she shows how modern communication media change the way of fighting this stereotype. She discusses the development and types of blogs, taking into account divisions according to the type of information published in them, access to content, anonymity of authors and autonomy of the blog structure. In addition, she presents the advantages and shortcomings of blogs, and examines the problem of the anonymity of bloggers as well as the credibility of the information published by them. The author describes the librarian blogosphere, using selected blogs as examples, and showing their role in the challenging of the librarian stereotype.

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Studia o Książce i Informacji (dawniej: Bibliotekoznawstwo)

31, 2012

Pages from 113 to 125

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