Stan badań nad polskimi czasopismami pszczelarskimi

  1. Leszek Kośny


State of research into Polish apiarian journals

The author of the article examines studies focusing in Polish apiarian journals. In order to determine the state of research in this respect, the author has used numerous general and specialist bibliographies, studies dealing with the history of Polish bee-keeping from the 19th century until the present as well as studies from related disciplines (agriculture, horticulture). He has concluded that the current state of knowledge of apiarian periodicals is fragmentary, which is linked largely to the fact that they are scattered and incomplete. He stresses that so far scholars interested in apiarian journals have been primarily bibliographers, historians of natural sciences, regional studies specialists and practitioners. The current lack of relevant analyses opens up new, interesting research fields, e.g. studies of the various apiarian periodicals, their specificity and nature (specialist, amateur, popular, scientific), their role in the popularisation of science (information about conferences, associations, eminent specialists, books, manuals, newspapers and periodicals) and expertise, their publishing geography and growth dynamics. Among research questions worthy of note is the need to include private collections in the research, which could reveal hitherto unknown Polish apiarian periodicals and, consequently, make the list of identified and analysed titles more complete.

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Studia o Książce i Informacji (dawniej: Bibliotekoznawstwo)

33, 2014

Pages from 109 to 121

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