Wpływ wykorzystania dotacji ministerialnych i funduszy unijnych na kształtowanie się zbiorów w bibliotece uczelni niepublicznej (na przykładzie biblioteki Wyższej Szkoły Bankowej w Toruniu)

  1. Julita Niedźwiecka-Ambroziak



The impact of ministerial grants and EU fundson the library of a non-public higher education institution (as seen in the Library of the WSB University of Toruń)

The article presents an outline of the legal basis of the operation of non-public higher education institutions and their place in the Polish education system. This is the background for the author’s analysis of the library and information systems of business schools that are part of the TEB SA group. The author focuses on extrabudgetary forms of expanding the library of anon-public univer­sity through the use of ministerial and EU grants. The case study presented in the article is that of the Library of the WSB University of Toruń. The author examines, on the basis of books inventoried in 2011–2016, the volume and percentage share of books acquired thanks to EU funds and ministerial grants. She demonstrates how the Library — which, owing to the business nature of the University, has specialist collections at its disposal — acquires new forms of books (e-books in mobi and pdf files, e-book readers, audiobooks etc.) as well as educational aids. She presents examples of how extrabudgetary funds can support and complement the main budget of the library of anon-public university in its initiatives aimed at creating amodern facility.


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Studia o Książce i Informacji (dawniej: Bibliotekoznawstwo)

35, 2016

Pages from 47 to 63

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