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Wpływ systemu POL-on na dokumentowanie dorobku naukowego pracowników uczelni wyższych

  1. Barbara Barańska-Malinowska


The influence of POL-on System on documenting academic achievements of university workers

Introduced in 2015 amended law on science financing regulations brought in big changes in higher education units. Universities and also academic libraries got new tasks. Legislators introduced in our country so called Science Information System under Integrated Information System regarding Science and Higher Education — POL-on. Academic units applying for statutory activity funds are obliged to send information related to their research and development activity to the System. One of the elements of POL-on System is Polska Bibliografia Naukowa PBN (Polish Scholarly Bibliography) in which we distinguish two modules — repository and reporting. Activity reports of higher education units will be sent to reporting module of PBN periodically. The system will collect information on research and development activity of the academic units and their effects, including publications and patents. Practically, the function of reporting the list of publications is realized by academic libraries in cooperation with scientific units. The paper discusses the most important assumptions of the System and its influence on documenting academic achievements realized by libraries.
It tries to analyze and evaluate previous experiences regarding this task. It is avoice in an ongoing discussion and tries to answer some of difficult questions like:
— to what extend the introduced system meets the expectations of academic world?— what kind of changes has the POL-on System forced in academic libraries and academic units?
— has the obligation of reporting publications had impact on libraries and academic units cooperation?
— would it be justified to introduce one computer system to develop and report publications of scientific units for reporting module of PBN?

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Studia o Książce i Informacji (dawniej: Bibliotekoznawstwo)

35, 2016

Strony od 65 do 80

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